What is there to know that you will actually remember? About Me paragraphs always frustrate me. People rarely view them and when they do, its a skim around kind of read. Why put time and effort into a section never seen?

Well, okay then, maybe something short and sweet for those of you who ACTUALLY take a gander at this!

I am an avid reader! I love the escape a good book gives me. Life is good, never said it wasn’t, but there is no other high like a beautifully written book.

I enjoy writing as well. The blog thing still doesn’t come as naturally as I want it too but I’m sure it will one day. I do, however, love writing short novels. I am in the process now of writing one.

Finally, I adore my large and crazy family. Family means the world to me. That feeling took me awhile to fully grasp but now that I do, I’ll never let it go. (Frozen pun)

I hope you enjoy my random rants, my tormented thoughts, and my words of wisdom

Most-Beautiful-Nature-Wallpapers-hd nature-aquarium-2


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